Not yet a client ?


How to become a client ?

To become a client of Bruxelles-Propreté contact us by email via, providing us with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone number
  • VAT number

Once we have received your details, your request will be forwarded to our sales representative, who will contact you as soon as possible to set up your contract with our agency.

Any commercial entity without a collection contract will not have its waste collected.

Reminder of your legal obligations

  • Since February 2, 2013, all producers or holders of household or similar waste (companies, self-employed workers, administrations, associations, etc.) have been legally obliged to have a waste collection contract. They must also sort the paper and cardboard generated by their professional activity.
  • Since February 2, 2014, sorting of PMD, transparent glass bottles and flasks and vegetal garden waste is also mandatory for the professionals.
  • Since May 2023, shops and businesses have also been obliged to sort their food waste, following the entry into force of a new European directive.

Bruxelles-Propreté has been supporting its clients with waste sorting long before the introduction of legal obligations. Our clients have been sorting their waste for years already, thus contributing to the reduction of the impact of their business on the environment and giving a more eco-friendly image to their business.

The "Bruxelles-Propreté Pro" brand was created in 2012 to reflect the continuous progress of our range of services by making a better distinction between the needs specific to business and those of residents.

Why choose Bruxelles-Propreté PRO ?

  1. To meet your legal obligations

    With a partner like Bruxelles-Propreté Pro, you are sure to meet all legal obligations in terms of waste removal and processing.
    Since we have taken part in the development of the regional legislation, we already know all about it.

  2. Pay less
    • Our rates are highly competitive, in particular for sorted waste.
    • We provide you with the free use of containers:
      • For your paper and cardboard
      • For your PMD packaging
      • For your glass bottles, jars and phials
    • We will repair your broken containers on-site and free of charge
  3. Your waste collected in a timely fashion

    Bruxelles-Propreté's waste collection vehicles travel throughout the Brussels region, 7 days a week. Thanks to Bruxelles-Propreté Pro, your waste is collected on time, every week.

  4. Protecting the environment

    Many of our competitors are not yet established in our region. The distance to reach your business location is significantly longer than that travelled by our collection vehicles. Indeed, these roam the streets of the capital daily. With Bruxelles-Propreté Pro, collection your waste does not increase pollution in our city.

  5. Working with confidence

    Just like our current clients, use our services and pass on the management of your professional waste.