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Our Bruxelles-Propreté Pro team is committed to proposing you tailor-made solutions to meet your waste management and collection needs. Take the first step towards responsible waste management and let us guide you towards a more sustainable future.

Request a tailor-made quotation

To receive a tailor-made quotation, please contact us by e-mail at and include the following information.

For "standard" quotes

  • Campany name and address ;
  • Collection address ;
  • Billing address ;
  • ECB number ;
  • Type of waste ;
  • Preferred container delivery date ;
  • Requested emptying date(s) ;
  • Requested date(s) for container pick-up ;
  • First name, last name and mobile phone number of contact person for receiving/retrieving container ;
  • Instruction/photo/plan of the exact location where the containers are to be collected.

For "chemical" collections

  • First name, last name and mobile phone number of contact peerson for collection ;
  • Contract no. or VAT no. ;
  • Collection address ;
  • Type of products ;
  • Quantities in liters / kg / number of cans or jars ;
  • Specify if products stored on pallets (only euro pallets accepted) ;
  • Photos illustrating product composition and quantities to be evacuated.