• Can you tell me how to get a contract with your agency?

    We invite you to contact our commercial team by e-mail at pro@arp-gan.be, providing us with the following information:

    • Company name
    • Company address
    • Phone number
    • VAT number

    Once we have received your details, your request will be forwarded to our sales representative, who will contact you as soon as possible to set up your contract with our agency.

  • What are the main changes introduced by the commercial reform?

    The main changes linked to the commercial reform are as follows:

    • New pricing structure.
    • Abolition of the exemption.
    • New General Terms and Conditions.
    • New Conditions for Acceptance.
    • Mandatory sorting of food waste.
  • Can you send me a duplicate of my contract/bill?

    Please contact our commercial team on 0800/988 77 or by e-mail at pro@arp-gan.be so that we can send you a duplicate of your contract/invoice.

    For your information, you can now provide all your documents on your client area My Pro Zone.

    You can log in with your client number and your contract number.

  • What is My Pro Zone?

    My Pro Zone is your free reference tool if you're a business client of Bruxelles-Propreté. You'll find all the information you need to manage your professional waste in one place!

    In particular, you can :

    • Consult your bag orders
    • Download your collection calendar
    • Modify your contract(s)
    • Access all your documents
    • Find practical information

    My Pro Zone is available via the home page of our website or via the direct link My Pro Zone.

    You can log in using your client number and contract number shown on your invoices.

  • Where can I find my client space My Pro Zone?

    My Pro Zone is available via the home page of our website or via the direct link Myr Pro Zone.

    You can log in to your client space My Pro Zone using the client number and contract number shown on your invoices.

  • I would like to receive the user manual for my client space My Pro Zone



  • Differences between small orange bins (25L) and orange containers (140L/240L)

    Please note that the small orange bin (25L) and the orange containers (140L / 240L) are primarily intended to protect the bags from stray animals when they are presented for collection.

    Concerning the small orange 25 L containers for food waste: you must use orange PRO bags exclusively sold by the Agency. The food waste bags must always be well tied in the orange container. Our collection teams will take away your orange bags and leave the small orange containers on the sidewalk so that you can reuse them the next time you have to put out your container.

    For the large 140 L and 240 L containers: you can put your food waste in bulk in the orange containers that were provided to you as part of your commercial contract with the Agency. However, for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, we recommend that you place your food waste in a garbage bag before throwing it into the orange container. The bags must either be orange bags from Bruxelles-Propreté or clear, colorless bags. If you use opaque bags, they will be considered non-compliant for organic collection.

  • What can you put in the orange bag/container?

    You can only dispose of food waste (leftovers, peelings, etc.), as well as tea bags, coffee grounds, paper towels and paper napkins. Please note exceptions such as bones, egg shells, etc.

    You'll find all the information you need on the Sorting page of our website.

    For more information specific to the orange bag, please visit: https://organicfoodwaste.brussels/

  • Why isn't the orange bag biodegradable?

    The orange bag is not biodegradable. Food waste is very moist, and the process of degrading the bags would be inconvenient for citizens (start of the degradation process) and for the collection in terms of cleanliness.

    This is why the bags are separated from the food waste and recycled to produce energy. For more information, visit: https://www.bru-energie.be/EN/

    Biodegradable packaging cannot be processed at the biogas plant. The decomposition time for such packaging, in its entirety and in large quantities, is much longer than for food waste.

  • Where and how are orange bags processed?

    The waste from the orange bag is processed at the biomethanization centers in Ypres and Liège.

    One of the first stages is digestion of the waste by bacteria in an oxygen-free reactor for 15 days at 37°C.

    This produces gas (methane) and digestate (solid part):

    • The gas is burned to produce electricity and heat.
    • The digestate is mixed with garden waste to produce compost.

    Once the orange bags have been emptied of their contents, they are disposed of separately and then incinerated with energy recovery. For more information, visit: https://www.bru-energie.be/

    Please note that this situation is temporary, as a biomethanization center is due to open in the Brussels region in 2026.

  • How to avoid maggots and other pests?

    To avoid maggots and other inconveniences, we advise you to :

    • After each use, tie or close your bags with a clothespin or clip.
    • Use your airtight containers.
    • Take out your bags/containers for each collection, even if they are not completely full.
  • Are there any plans to build a biomethanization center in Brussels?

    The Brussels region is to build a biomethanization center to transform food waste into biogas. Biogas can then be used instead of fossil fuels to heat buildings or run buses, for example.

    The project is scheduled for completion in 2026.


  • What are the main changes introduced by the collection reform?

    This is a double reform with 2 main changes for clients:
    Some collections have been reorganized. There are now night collections. You can consult your collection schedule on your commercial contract or via client space your My Pro Zone.
    All Brussels residents are now required to sort their food waste and P+MD waste (new blue bag). You'll find more information on sorting and recycling your waste on the Sorting page of our website.

  • I would like to get my commercial waste collection calendar.

    You can find your collection calendar on your client area My Pro Zone. Once on the platform, you must click on your client number and go to the page "My documents" where you can download it.

  • What can I do if my waste hasn’t been collected?

    We invite you to contact our commercial team on 0800/988 77 or by e-mail via pro@arp-gan.be. Please note that you should wait until the end of the collection rounds. Rounds are scheduled to run until 2pm for morning collections, 8pm for afternoon collections and 2am for night collections.

  • Do you collect nitrous oxide cylinders?

    No, our sales department does not collect nitrous oxide cylinders. They are also refused to professionals in our Recyparks. To dispose of them, please contact Renewi Belgium or Bruxelles Environnement for further information.

  • My bags will now be collected in the evening. When should I take them out?

    Please note that if your garbage bags are collected in the evening, you must put them out between 6pm and 8pm.

    If you are unable to take your bags out during this time, please contact us so that we can find an operational solution for your collection.

  • How are evening collections organized?

    Please note that evening collections have been operational since May 2023 as part of the reorganization of collections. The evening collections are being introduced mainly on the region's main roads, which are subject to heavy traffic.

    These collections will start at 8:00 p.m. and most will be completed before midnight. Bruxelles-Propreté depots will close at 02:00, which means that collection work will be completed well before then.

    Bruxelles-Propreté will also be using its most recent trucks, which are the least noisy. The agency will also be raising awareness among its collection staff of the nuisance associated with collection.

    All of the Region's communes are concerned by evening collections.

  • What are the benefits of evening collections?

    Evening collections allow 2 hours for the removal of your waste. This schedule has been carefully thought through to ensure that it can be applied by the majority of citizens. Indeed, we have taken into account the comments of citizens whose bags were collected in the evening before 2017.

    In addition, we would like to inform you that evening collections have significant positive impacts for the residents of Brussels:

    • Significant improvement in urban cleanlinesś by reducing the length of time bags are on the streets, which represents significant added value in terms of cleanlinesś and living environment.
    • Improved mobilitý and smoother road traffic at peak times. It is in fact the roads with a high densitý of traffic that have beeń chosen as a prioritý for evening collections.
    • Better articulation of street cleaning work with collection work.
    • Gathering as much waste as possible for collection on a single day.


  • I would like to order PRO bags / containers

    Commercial bags, including fuchsia bags for residual waste, can only be purchased through our Agency.

    To place your order for PRO bags/containers, please contact our commercial team by e-mail at pro@arp-gan.be. Please include the following information:

    • Contract, customer or VAT number
    • Company name
    • Delivery address
    • Phone number
    • Your opening hours

    You can also order your PRO bags directly via your client area My Pro Zone.

  • Can I use a padlock on my containers?

    All our containers are identical. None has a padlock or secure closure.

    However, we invite you to secure your containers. You can make a hole between the lid and the container, and then add a code lock (not a key lock) purchased by you.

    You must then send us the 4-digit code by e-mail to pro@arp-gan.be so that we can pass it on to the operational department responsible for your waste collection.


  • I need more information about the Recypark

    You'll find the answers to the questions below on our Recypark page.

    • Where are the Recypark located?
    • What types of waste are accepted or not?
    • What are the opening hours? 
    • When is the best time to go?
    • How much does it cost?


  • I would like to work for Bruxelles-Propreté

  • Do you ensure collection on public holidays for your customers?

    We can provide holiday collection for your contract.

    To do so, please confirm your wish to add this collection to your contract by e-mail to pro@arp-gan.be.

  • Have you found this lost object?

    Please note that it is very rare for us to find lost items in the amount of waste our workers collect.