Professional Collection

Bruxelles-Propreté Pro is your trusted partner for the efficient and responsible management of your professional waste. 

We are proud to serve a large number of clients in a variety of sectors. Whether you are a small local shop, a school training the minds of tomorrow, a lively catering establishment or a large company, we are here to ensure that your waste is collected efficiently and professionally. 

Any commercial entity without a collection contract will not be collected by our teams. 
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Practical information

What types of collection do you propose?

Selective collection

We set up selective collection of your residual waste as well as the recyclable waste you generate (PMC, glass, paper and cardboard, food and garden waste). Our aim is to transform this waste into valuable "resources". To find out more about good sorting practice, visit our page dedicated to sorting.

Specific collection

Depending on your needs, we can propose you customised management of different types of specific waste, such as electronic waste or chemical waste. For detailed information on the type of waste falling into these categories, where it can be deposited and the rules to be followed, please consult our page dedicated to sorting.

Reminder of your legal obligations

  • Since February 2, 2013, all producers or holders of household or similar waste (companies, self-employed workers, administrations, associations, etc.) have been legally obliged to have a waste collection contract. They must also sort the paper and cardboard generated by their professional activity.
  • Since February 2, 2014, sorting of PMD, transparent glass bottles and flasks and vegetal garden waste is also mandatory for the professionals.
  • Since May 2023, shops and businesses have also been obliged to sort their food waste, following the entry into force of a new European directive.

Bruxelles-Propreté has been supporting its clients with waste sorting long before the introduction of legal obligations. Our clients have been sorting their waste for years already, thus contributing to the reduction of the impact of their business on the environment and giving a more eco-friendly image to their business.

"Bruxelles-Propreté Pro" brand was created in 2012 to reflect the continuous progress of our range of services by making a better distinction between the needs specific to businesses and those of residents.

Our other services

Our commitment is not limited to waste collection. We are also committed to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management practices. By working with us, you're helping to create a cleaner, greener city.