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To become a client of Bruxelles-Propreté contact us by email via, providing us with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone number
  • VAT number

Once we have received your details as well as the list of your needs, your request will be forwarded to our sales representative, who will contact you as soon as possible to set up your contract with our agency.

Any commercial entity without a collection contract will not have its waste collected. Sort out your situation now!

Why become a client of our Agency? 
Discover below 9 reasons to choose Bruxelles-Propreté Pro !

Practical information

1. Local expertise and compliance with your legal obligations

With Bruxelles-Propreté Pro as your partner, you can be sure of complying with all the legal obligations relating to contracts for the collection and treatment of your waste. Having been involved in drafting the new regional legislation, we know all the details.

With 30 years' experience, we can offer you services tailored to local, national and international contexts. We can also help you implement sustainable practices, thereby avoiding legal risks.

Reminder of your legal obligations

  • Since February 2, 2013, all producers or holders of household or similar waste (companies, self-employed workers, administrations, associations, etc.) have been legally obliged to have a waste collection contract. They must also sort the paper and cardboard generated by their professional activity.
  • Since February 2, 2014, sorting of PMD, transparent glass bottles and flasks and vegetal garden waste is also mandatory for the professionals.   
  • Since May 2023, shops and businesses have also been obliged to sort their food waste, following the entry into force of a new European directive.

2. A personalised approach and solutions

We develop solutions to meet your specific needs, whether you own a small shop, a catering establishment or a larger business. Our approach also takes into account the specifics of your situation (types of waste produced, volumes, schedules, operational constraints), while integrating sustainable practices.

3. Competitive prices to encourage sorting

We stand out from the crowd by offering you market-competitive rates and quality services, thanks in particular to :

  • Optimising our operations: we implement efficient waste collection, sorting and management processes, enabling us to reduce our operating costs and maintain competitive prices;
  • Economies of scale: as a major player in the cleaning sector in Brussels, we can take advantage of our large collection volumes to negotiate preferential rates with suppliers;
  • Technology and innovation: we invest in innovative technologies to optimise our processes, reduce our costs and improve the efficiency of our operations;
  • Responsible resource management: by adopting sustainable practices and promoting recycling and reuse, we can reduce the costs associated with the disposal of different waste fractions;
  • A diversified range of services: we offer a full range of waste management services, enabling us to meet the varied needs of our clients. This diversification makes us more attractive to prospective clients, broadening our client portfolio and, as a result, enabling us to spread our fixed costs ;

4. A committed service and quality of urban life

We are committed to the public interest, environmental sustainability and community well-being.

Our mission is to put in place waste management systems that minimise your negative impact on the environment, as well as our own.

Our vision focuses on promoting waste reduction at source, recycling, composting and other sustainable practices to support the transition to a circular economy.

We also contribute to a clean, pleasant and safe environment by keeping public spaces clean and reducing the presence of illegal waste in the city.

5. Recognised certifications

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications testify to our commitment to the quality of our services and the environment.

We are also committed to improving our online platforms so that they are accessible, which has enabled us to obtain the Any Surfer label.

6. Provision of major infrastructure

We have a wide range of waste processing facilities and a fleet of vehicles to guarantee efficient waste collection and management services. Our collection lorries cover the whole of Brussels, 7 days a week.

7. Strengthening civic and environmental commitment through awareness-raising and education

We recognise the importance of the active involvement of all Brussels residents in waste management. Our vision therefore encourages community participation through awareness-raising, education and collaboration initiatives.

This means encouraging you and your staff to adopt best practice in waste management and helping you to understand the benefits of selective sorting, recycling and adopting environmentally-friendly practices.

This will help you to reduce your ecological impact.

8. Active collaboration and sustainable partnerships

Our approach also includes sustainable partnerships with local authorities, businesses and environmental organisations.

These collaborations aim to increase the effectiveness of our actions, implement appropriate waste management solutions and maximise our impact. This contributes to the improvement of our services and consequently to greater customer satisfaction.

9. Continuous improvement, innovation and sustainability

We are committed to using innovative technologies and adopting sustainable practices to constantly :

  • Improve our waste management services;
  • Respond proactively to the changing needs of our customers;
  • Comply with environmental requirements;
  • Reduce our ecological impact.