The Professional Waste Facilitator is there to help you!


Do you want to improve your organisation's waste management, reduce the amount of waste produced, sort better and understand the obligations that apply to your sector? 

The Professional Waste Facilitator is a free assistance and support service aimed at all professionals and producers of non-household waste in Brussels (companies, businesses, public bodies, etc.).

What are your basic obligations?

  1. Sort waste.
  2. Keep proof of good management.
  3. Use the right bags and containers.

The Professional Waste Facilitator offers you :

  • A helpdesk to answer your questions. 
  • Training courses specific to your sector to help you better understand your obligations and discover the best practices to put in place. For training dates, check the calendar at: 
  • Waste diagnostics. This will provide you with practical ideas for reducing and optimising your waste management. Contact the facilitator to schedule a meeting.


Don't wait any longer to ask for advice. Contact the Professional Waste Facilitator: 

Two other Facilitators at your disposal

1.  The Packaging Facilitator helps you reduce packaging and implement alternatives. 

NewsSee our article on this subject. 

2. The Circular Economy Permit and Waste Facilitator supports you:

  • In the environmental permit process.
  • In the waste end-of-status procedure.
  • In the development of a compliant quality management system (QMS).