Waste management at school: Opération Recyclons



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Do you dream of a clean school? Of a pleasant place where you can learn and work while taking care of the environment? And what about the new sorting rules in Brussels?

"Opération Recyclons" is the Brussels Region's new program to help schools improve their waste management. The Waste Advisor is at your disposal to guide you in preventing waste, optimizing sorting and keeping your school clean, as well as integrating this theme into your lessons. And so, from now on, schools no longer need to contact Bruxelles-Propreté.

Would you like to see a change in your school? The program "Opération Recyclons" is for you!

  • A Waste Advisor is on hand to answer your questions and help you take concrete action.
  • Technical and educational fact sheets to help you integrate waste management into your lessons.
  • A 3-year personalized support program for basic schools.

Call for applications for fundamental schools

Submit your fundamental school to the "Opération Recyclons" call for applications and, along with nearly 80 other Brussels schools, take up the challenge of drastically reducing your waste. You'll receive personalized guidance and material support.

For whom ? With whom?

  • With the students, of course. The project will equip and support teachers to raise awareness in their classes and mobilize children.
  • For and with maintenance staff, who are the primary waste managers in the school. On the agenda: training and support.
  • For and with school principals, who will be offered advice on waste management. The school will also receive the necessary materials and a subsidy for its actions.